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Matthew Broussard

Matthew Broussard was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana in the U.S. Raised in Dallas Texas; he attended the arts magnet high school at Booker T. Washington, and completed his studies with a BFA in sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

He spent several years wandering between the U.S. and Europe, finally taking up permanent residence in Italy in 1992. He now lives and works near Lago Maggiore, participating regularly in national and international exhibitions.

He is represented by LivingArt in the UK.


white gold on steel
Price Band:
120cm x 170cm

This painting is born from a photograph of the Hudson River north of New York posted by a friend on social media. In spite of the banal context and small format, the image really struck me, and has stayed with me for several years; for reasons I have yet to completely understand. The image is of the river covered with ice in the winter. The natural colors of the scene are reduced to a silver, gelid monochrome. The poems of Tomas Transtromer come to mind. Transtromer often writes of winter, and how we are penetrated by it. Our spirit is transformed like water  by the cold; like plants and animals which all change radically in winter. In Transtromer's poems, as in the natural world, the boundaries which separate things (ourselves included) from their context and their meaning are relative, and permeable.

The image, the name and these thoughts also bring to mind the Hudson River School which used lanscape as a metaphysical, almost messianic element. One might compare the Hudson River painters to the romanticism of Freidrich, yet without the emphasis on human presence. There is a typically American anglosaxon moralism of the late 19th century.

Another inevitable association is with David Smith who forged landscapes in steel during the '50s.  His most famous, “Hudson River Landscape”, specifically depicts the breaking up of the iceflow on the river upstate.


01488 681 748 16 Bridge Street, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0EG
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