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Benson Landes (1927 – 2013)

Benson’s theme is predominately the wonderful world of ballet and dancers, although some are beautiful ladies in quiet repose and elegance. Such an obvious appreciation of the grace and elegance of the female form was, no doubt, heightened by a lifetime spent in the couture business, which Benson entered at the age of 14. Benson succeeded in selling some of his first pieces of sculpture, a collection of sporting trophies shown at the 1981 Open Golf Championship, to Garrards, the Crown Jewellers. This success quickly brought important contacts and new commissions. Benson always maintained ‘being able to work as I do is a unique privilege’. Usually in the company of a model, he often worked in the studio against the soothing background of classical music’. Indeed, now eminently collectable, Benson’s work provided much comfort to him after the death of his wife Ruth. Benson once said of his sculpting ‘I truly believe that romance and elegance are necessary shields to what I see as the sometimes too hurried manner of life today’. Benson sadly passed away in the Autumn of 2013.

Stepping Stones

Limited Edition, 14 of 25
Price Band:
48cm High

01488 681 748 16 Bridge Street, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0EG
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